Nursing HESI Exam Registration

STEP 1: Pay your Exam Fee

Your registration is not complete until you have paid the $50 HESI Exam fee. If you have not yet paid the exam fee, you can do so here. Select Nursing Exam Fee in the drop-down menu.

Your registration is not guaranteed until your payment has been received.


STEP 2: Complete your Registration Form

The available exam dates are listed below, click the button that indicates to the date you would like to take the exam. You will be taken to a Registration form that you will need to complete to save your spot for the exam date!

Bangor Test Dates

September Cohort

Wilton Test Dates

September Cohort

Fredericton NBCC Test Dates

Moncton NBCC Test Dates

Saint John NBCC Test Dates

Woodstock NBCC Test Dates

STEP 3: Study for your Exam

Click here for available resources to help you prepare for the HESI. 75% or above needs to be earned in each section to pass.

If you have any questions, please email or contact your admissions representative.

Good luck on the exam! You can do this!