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Authorization to Employers to Release Employment Information: I understand that my University may, request employment and/or income verification and/or evaluation from both current and future employers. I understand this information is for statistical analysis only for my University and required reporting agencies. I understand my University will hold in strict confidence information obtained from my employer, except as provided above, it may report information to its required reporting accrediting agencies. I authorize a photocopy of this authorization be accepted with the same authority as the original. I specifically waive any written notice from any employer who may provide information based upon this authorized request. I voluntarily grant permission and authorize all current and future employers to provide my University with any information requested to verify and/or evaluate my employments.

(By my signature, I am attesting that the information provided is accurate and complete. Furthermore, if my responses include employment in field, the position is a paying opportunity, aligned with the graduates employment goals, is vocational in nature and is based on and related to the education and training received.)

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