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Why does the educational institution request references?

1. In Case of Emergency:
In the event of any emergency, the educational institution will contact one of your references. If we are unable to successfully locate you, we will contact one of your references in an attempt to get important information delivered. Please be sure to list references that you will maintain a relationship with during your enrollment at the school and after you have graduated.

2. Invitation Requests:
Graduation is an accomplishment to be shared with the people most important in your life. The educational institution wants to be sure that these important people have the opportunity to share in your success by either attending the graduation ceremony or by simply being aware of the date and time of the event.

3. Loan Assistance after Graduation:
The educational institution has a dedicated team of Loan Assistance advisors prepared to assist you with your student loan obligations after your attendance at the educational institution. Please provide your current or future permanent physical address on the Contact Sheet so your Loan Advisor can assist you in maintaining or reestablishing good financial literacy and credit ratings by successfully fulfilling your debt obligations after school.

4. Student Loan Counseling requirements:
“Before making the first disbursement of a loan to a Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan borrower, a school must ensure that the student has received entrance counseling.”

Federal regulation states:
(xiii) Require the student borrower to provide current information concerning name, address, social security number, references, and driver’s license number and State of issuance, as well as the student borrower’s expected permanent address, the address of the student borrower’s next of kin, and the name and address of the student borrower’s expected employer (if known).

The personal and contact information collected at the time of exit counseling must be provided to the student’s loan servicer. A student authorizes his or her school to release information to lenders as part of the promissory note the student signs as part of the loan application process.
According to the 2010/2011 Department of Education Federal Student Aid Handbook, Volume 2, Chapter 6.

Important: Providing accurate and legible references is a requirement of Loan Counseling and to your benefit in the areas mentioned above. The references provided hold no responsibility and have no obligation (except in the case of a Parent PLUS Loan) in repayment of any student loans borrowed in your name.

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